Akhil Bhartiya Kushti Mahasangh 👇


Promote Indian style Wrestling all over the world.

       We are covering all districts of India,

       Because we want to hunt talent in every village, city, town, that is from every corner of our Country.

       Our organisation will be organising national championships every year.

       Our main goal is to organise traditional wrestling world championships that is KUSHTI DANGAL on an International Level and spread Indian mud wrestling as much as possible throughout the world.


       We have and will organise honour ceremonies for our medal winning wrestlers and rising talent of our nation,and also provide sponsorship to them.

       we will also organise DANGALS(Indian Mud Wrestling championships) at monthly basis in every state of india with the help of our team and your humble support,and also LIVE STREAM all the tournaments and events, news updates through our media partner channels - KUSHTI KE DEEWANE and KUSHTI JAGAT.


       Mud is our identity.

       We are born out of it..we are made of it...wrestle in it...and Vanish in it.


       Our team has tons of projects coming soon in the list for Spreading and growing wrestling as much as possible.

       All we need is your Humble support and Love