The need for solid waste management is being driven by a rise in global population, rapid urbanisation, industrial boom, environmental effects, and an increase in the number of infrastructure construction activities around the world. During the forecast era, the solid waste management market is expected to be driven by a rise in government focus on waste management. Solid waste has a huge environmental effect because improper solid waste collection and disposal will contribute to leachate contamination of surface water or groundwater. If the waste contains radioactive substances or if local water bodies are used for water supply, this may pose serious problems. In hot climates, storing large amounts of dry waste can cause a fire hazard. The solid waste management market is rapidly expanding, especially in emerging countries like India and China, driven by new sustainability principles and technological advancements. For example, India’s β€˜Swachh Bharat Mission,’ has elevated the municipal solid waste management sector to the forefront of governance.